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How about leaving the car aside for your holiday in Saint-Cyprien?


The region of Saint-Cyprien and more broadly of the community of Sud Roussillon municipalities has been designed and developed for leisure cyclists, you can travel around the resort and its surroundings by bike because many tracks and routes exist, from the beach to the village through the small green paths. Saint-Cyprien is classified as Cycling Friendy, which guarantees you to be less than 5 km from a cycle path, to have suitable equipment for cyclists: secure bike shelters, repair kit and to benefit from a friendly welcome (information and useful advice, itineraries, weather forecast, etc.).

Find the best walking routes:

Itinerary n ° 1: Villerase circuit
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Level: easy / Distance: 2.7km / On foot: 30 min. / By bike: 8 min.

Itinerary n ° 2: Circuit of the Meridian
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Level: medium / Distance: 10.5km / On foot: 1h55 min. / By bike: 30 min.

Itinerary n ° 3: Capellans circuit
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Level: easy / Distance: 6.4km / On foot: 1h15 min. / By bike: 20 min.

Itinerary n ° 4: Pilou circuit
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Level: easy / Distance: 4.5km / On foot: 55 min. / By bike: 15 min.

Itinerary 5: Avallrich circuit
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Level: medium / Distance: 4.6km / On foot: 55 min. / By bike: 15 min.

Itinerary 6: Dels Pobles circuit
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Level: intermediate / Distance: 10km / On foot: 1h55 min. / By bike: 30 min.

Itinerary n ° 7: Mar i Estany circuit
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Level: difficult / Distance: 31.1km / On foot: 5h40 min. / By bike: 1h45


For bike rental, you can visit:
Open Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:30, Sunday from 08:30 to 12:30.
Address: Rue Henri Barbusse 66750 Saint-Cyprien
Phone: 0033 (0)4 68 37 11 50

Bike and beach
Currently open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 09:30 to 18:00.
Address: 1 rue Eugène Delacroix 66750 Saint-Cyprien
Phone: 00033 (0)9 86 23 68 90

Quincaillerie du port
Open Tuesday to Saturday 08:30 to 12:30 and 15:30 to 19:00 and Sunday 08:00 to 12:30.
Address: 7 Boulevard Desnoyer 66750 Saint-Cyprien
Tel: 0033 (0)6 22 53 50 91 or 0033 (0)6 74 18 98 45

Bicycle reception area

Departmental work site, the bicycle reception area of ​​Port Cipriano has been completed. At the entrance to Saint-Cyprien plage, it is a practical entry point for cyclists, especially those coming on the Eurovelo8 axes and the Agouille de la Mar greenway. These two routes, one European, the other departmental are also connected to the circuits of Sud Roussillon.

In a second step, the Community of Communes will redevelop another area for parking, and then will upgrade the parking adjacent to Salle Pons. The inter-municipal services are also in charge of the planted areas of the entire project.

The material surfaces chosen are suitable for the coastline, as are the plant species. Natural materials have been favoured: bicycle shelters, footbaths, Led lighting, charging stations for electric vehicles, picnic tables.


Carpool area

A carpool area has recently been set up at the exit of Saint-Cyprien towards the RD 914, it is located near Alénya and Latour-Bas-Elne.

This development was created to encourage clean and collective travel and gradually reduce the place of the car, in particular through the development of cycle paths and the development of multimodal areas leading to the deployment of new carpooling areas over the entire region.

This area, created by the departmental council is under the management of the municipality and of Sud Roussillon, it has about twenty parking spaces (with provision for a future electric vehicle charging station) and parking for bicycles (racks) - It was carried out with a global sustainable attitude, with landscaping composed of local species that require little water and with natural mulches by grinding wood from Palau del Vidre.

The last landscaping will be completed in the autumn of 2021.

Sud Roussillon is carrying out studies with the region for a future public transport stopping point on this site.

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