Our actions

The Saint-Cyprien Tourist Office informs its visitors about the commitments to sustainable development of the region.
These commitments are initiated by the Town Hall, the Sud Roussillon community of municipalities , the port and the Tourist Office.

Eco-gestures by the Tourist Office

  • Paper editions produced by a printer having obtained environmental certification: Encre Verte.
  • Collection of ink cartridges
  • Recycling of used draft paper
  • Acceptable levels of printing
  • Reams of eco-labeled paper
  • Battery recycling
  • Eco-friendly actions have already been adopted and the staff are very committed to this approach: computers configured for double-sided printing in black and white, organisation of selective sorting of paper and cardboard and the use of reusable tableware in the office .
  • Creation of eco cups for events held by the tourist office.
  • Purchase of eco-responsible crockery in line with legislation.

Mobility and transport

  • Le baladoir (the promenade on the seafront)
  • The cycling area in Port Cypriano
  • 7 routes of gentle ways and marked trails over 75 km
  • The greenway of Agouille de la Mar
  • The carpooling area (at the entrance to Saint-Cyprien)
  • The Mediterranean by bike - Eurovélo 8
  • Cycling friendly award

Resource management

  • LED equipment
  • Decrease in the number of showers at the beach
  • Installation of latest generation showers on the beach (water runs for a minimum of time)
  • Rinse feet each time you access the promenade
  • Stormwater management

Waste reduction

  • Creation of the selective sorting guide by Sud Roussillon
  • Installation of drives-verre (glass recycling)
  • Use of recycled cotton bags (for Multimedia library members)
  • Elimination of plastics at events (use of eco-cups, etc.)
  • Collection of boat maintenance chemicals and oils
  • Anti-waste actions in canteens and nurseries
  • Distribution of pocket ashtrays

Preservation of the environment

  • Ganivelles
  • Rejection of pesticides (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) except for the preservation of palm trees and the fight against harmful species (Asian hornets and processionary caterpillars etc.)
  • Proposal of Permaculture courses and conferences by Sud Roussillon
  • Mechanical traps and disruption systems based on pheromones
  • Steam weeding machines for the region (ecological steam)
  • Weeding machines (which work with coconut starch to weed green spaces)
  • Wave barriers (concrete modules connected to each other protecting seaside homes and businesses from sea storms and flooding in autumn, winter and early spring)
  • Setting up online beehive information (educational work with schools)
  • 32,000 m2 of flower meadows sown each year with honey plants to support bee foraging and their growth
  • Fight against the Asian hornet: setting up of traps (agreement with the GDSA> Groupement de Défense Sanitaire Apicole) for immediate intervention when an Asian hornet nest is detected.