10 things to do

Eco-consumption is an individual commitment that manifests itself through simple acts. Objective: to reduce the impact of consumption on the environment.

Eco-consumption leads consumers to take into account, and sometimes even get involved, in the way of treating the waste resulting from the purchase and use of products. The aim is to reduce the impact of consumption on the environment


Consume only what is necessary

Give priority to the following products:

  • ecological
  • seasonal
  • local
  • from organic farming
  • from fair trade
  • containing the least packaging
  • containing recyclable packaging


The good habits of the eco-consumer

Here are the 10 good habits to have at home or on holiday to change everyday life and have an impact on the preservation of the environment:

1. Drink tap water

2. Avoid prepared meals

3. Favour local products

4. Choose the least packaged or bulk products

5. Switch off household appliances on standby

6. Think about carpooling and cycling for your trips

7. Go to the recycling centre with large items

8. Use reusable shopping bags and tote bags

9. Donate, repair, reuse

10. Replace disposable batteries with rechargeable batteries